Pex Publications

The Australasian industry’s leading provider of energy-related information.

We have built a peerless reputation for delivering value-added, ahead-of-the-mainstream news on a consistent basis. We distribute a range of products on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, by cost effective email for speed of delivery.

Led by the flagship Oil & Gas Radar, our range of oil and gas products also includes the newly re-released Pex Monthly, Drilling Report, Who’s Drilling and Quarterly Report Analysis.

Pex’s reputation makes us the first point of call for a wide range of people involved in the industry; from oil & gas exploration and production companies, contractors, service providers, support organisations, investors, government departments, to anybody with a serious interest in the booming oil & gas sector. It has also seen us quoted by organisations such as the Australian Financial Review and the WA State Government’s Department of Industry and Resources.



Pex was established in 1968 by Don Lipscombe to provide a full range of oil and gas exploration information. In June 2003 Don sold Pex to Texan businessman John M Carr, who has overseen the development of the business to include several new products.