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Oil & Gas Insider 16/06/2016

This week, Oil prices retreat from recent highs... Read more.

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Oil & Gas Radar. Since 1968, the Australasian oil and gas exploration industry’s premier scouting service.


Who’s Drilling provides comprehensive coverage of current and upcoming exploration in the Australasian region.


Drilling Report is a two-page snap shot of key information to be published in the current week’s Who’s Drilling.


APAC Offshore is a bi-weekly detail focussed report on all the movements offshore in the Asia Pacific waters.


Pex Encore is an online Oil & Gas well exploration and production location mapping tool, utilising Google Maps.


Quarterly Report Analysis is an online resource into more than 110 ASX-listed oil & gas companies performances.


StockAnalysis is a leading-edge, independent source for “stock market news your broker wouldn’t tell you”.


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